Our roofing team conducts non-invasive roofing inspections to evaluate the condition of your roof using industry standard techniques not to undermine the integrity of your roof.

Some of the modern inspection techniques like the use of infrared equipment allow for a quick and easy analysis. You can be sure that our roof inspections are precise and thorough, and an essential part of finding existing and potential future problems with the structure of your roof.

Of course, the overall geography of your property matters too. Depending on your location, many homes are generally at a greater risk of wind damage and other damaging forms of weather. As such, roofs in these locations are likely to be replaced more often.

For this reason, we encourage property owners and managers to view their roofs as they would view the electrical systems of their car or their teeth. Regular inspection and active maintenance is necessary to help in the identification of existing and potential problems before they go too far. Delayed damage will be more costly to repair, or worse replace, consume more time, and be significantly more stressful.

Our qualified roof inspectors have the capacity to:

• Identify areas of weakness in the roof
• Identify leaks, no matter how small they are
• Determine when a roof replacement is needed
• Evaluate the physical integrity of the roof

Warrior Roofing: Experts in Roof Replacements

One of the key concerns the average homeowner has is whether they are being lied to or not when told they need a roof replacement. It’s no surprise considering that there are a number of cases where people have been talked into installing a new roof when basic repairs would have been adequate. So, if you are doubtful whether your roof really needs replacing or not, below are a few things to have in mind when considering roof replacement:

How old is your roof?

It’s important to know the projected lifespan of the type of roof you currently have installed. With this, you can evaluate whether that milestone has been reached, or not. If you’re still curious, you can always opt for a second opinion, unless your roof has been severely damaged by pests, storms, neglect, or other factors fo course.

What’s the current value of your roof?

It’s also important to consider how much it will cost to repair the roof in relation to the current value of your roof. If the repairs will cost you 50% of more than the current value of your roof, it’s more financially viable to just replace the whole roof. Regardless of your situation, it’s paramount that you choose a reputable and reliable roofing contractor to work with. This way, you’ll never have to worry about getting the runaround.

Warrior Roofing Professionals Are Leaders in residential and commercial roofing repair and replacement services. We remain the leading roofing contractors in (location) with endorsements in both residential and commercial roofing. Our dedication to providing premium service has helped us forge long-term relationships with realtors and homeowners alike. Plus, we have partnerships with some of the leading suppliers in (location). This allows us to save while providing our clients with more competitive pricing options.

Our professional Roofers take security and safety very seriously. With our expertise and experience in modern roofing practices, our team has the necessary safety skills and equipment to perform the dangerous tasks that often come with roofing. We also take the necessary safety precautions to make sure that your house is structurally sound in every area. Each of our contractors are trained to manage electrical and weather hazards, fall protection, fire and equipment protection, and many more.

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